Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Creator - The Ultimate App for World Language

Have you wanted to find a simple yet creative way to have your world language students demonstrate their understanding and articulation of whatever language you teach? Book Creator to the rescue! As I have written before, it is truly the Swiss army knife of apps!

Recently, my colleague Amy Jonas, the chair of our World Language and Culture department began  an amazing project with her Spanish 3 students. The students wrote a simple yet entertaining animal story  and illustrated these stories (sometimes with hilarious photos of their pets). The students were required to write the text in Spanish and attention must be paid to the correct spelling and grammar. The students had a very easy time adding the text and illustrations to their books in the Book Creator app. All of their work and illustrations had been saved into their Google Drive so that Amy could provide feedback as the projects progressed. Once that part was completed, the students went through a simple cut and paste operation into the Book Creator book. The app learning threshold is low yet the app is so versatile as to allow them to add photos, clip art, video or to draw illustrations within the app. The students then presented their stories in class, reading the text aloud in Spanish as they turned each page (this is an easy feat since we are 1:1 iPads with an Apple TV connected projector in each classroom). The students were assessed on the creativity of their stories, their presentations and on their correct use of language.

Part two of the assignment is to go back into their books and add audio to each page. Once the books are finished, these high school students will bring their books over to the Lower School students to share. The books will be published to the community as well. Giving our students an authentic audience validates their work and provides a higher purpose and motivation to write a stellar story.

Below are some illustrations showing the students work:

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