Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Green Screen - Too Cool For School

Ever want to send your boss to Alaska?

Green  Screen technology is so easy now! Green Screen Doink App (iPad or Android) allows you to easily put individuals or groups into the scene anywhere! You can produce snapshots or videos. Imagine your student doing a state fair report about Iowa against backdrop images of corn fields and the state capitol! (Of course you can use iMovie too but Doink is immediate and so easy). How about your students reporting from Afghanistan? In the Coral Reef? You can go anywhere with Green Screen technology!

 Would you like to see Bruce eaten by dinosaurs?

Thanks to Bruce for being such a good sport – we made that little gem in about 30 seconds with obvious very low production value but we just wanted to get an idea of what we could do:)

Chroma Key (http://www.chroma-key.com/)www. sells green screens and green screen paint but honestly with the Doink App, you can even use bulletin board paper as the app allows you to adjust the color. Please know that the PSTA has generously funded the purchase of a handful of green screens which you can use any time (all different sizes).

The Lower School has been using  Green Screen to film WEGL in the morning for the Lower School News but  has also used the Green Screen with the Stop Motion App for students to create the most amazing Stop Motion videos. Further below are links to two articles, one by Dan Callahan and the second article is by Greg Kulowiec who writes about app smashing (using one or more apps together to produce a piece of work). He writes about using Hyperlapse, the super cool new app that allows for time lapse photography, along with Doink for a student to explain their piece of art as they create it – below that is a similar exploration. Really, Green Screen technology works for any age, for any curriculum. It is engaging, fun and only limited by your imagination. 

Here’s the basics of how Doink works:

DoInk Green Screen App is going to blow your mind http://remixteaching.com/2013/10/doink-green-screen-app-is-going-to-blow-your-mind-ipaded/

Hyperlapse & DoInk X App-Smashing