Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Author! Author!

Kids produce the most amazing work when they are publishing from their interests, whether profound or silly, the amount of material posted by 6 to 24 years of age on YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Vine, is incredible. Here is one sample of an amazing remix a young man did of his mother gardening - it is poignant, witty, funny and sweet.  This is his passion and now his profession. Are we helping our students to realize the difference they can make in the world now?

Media publishing is not the market students aim for now. In today’s world, the world has become the refrigerator – that is, instead of posting your child’s work on the refrigerator where only some family and friends see it, now kids can publish their work to the world – and hey, so can teachers!  There is an amazing amount of books written by teachers and by students out there.

Book Creator on an iPad and iBooks Author on a Mac and two of the easiest ways to publish a book from a few pages to a massive tome. Both tools are easy to use. Students take greater pride and put more effort in their work when publishing to the world. See Jon Smith’s experiences below and review Jeremy Reid’s presentation and let us know what you think. We are happy to provide tutorials or provide some online learning. There are scads of teachers out there who send out links to their students blogs, books or other type of publishing through the Twitter hashtag #comment4kids or #commentsforkids encouraging the world to provide feedback to their students. Their students report how helpful and encouraging the feedback is and how inspiring it is knowing that someone else in the world took the time to read their work, or watch their video. Let me know.

Jon Smith is a champ at getting students work published – check out the amazing number of books at http://mrsmithtrt.weebly.com/class-ebooks.html

He tweets about the kids’ books all the time resulting in over 21,000 downloads!!!!! Now, if you were one of those students, would you feel validated? Yes! Would you be eager to write your next book? You bet!

Fostering Creation Using iPads for Student created ebooks and iBooks by Jeremy Reid: